In order to introduce my company, All Channel Films, Inc., and myself, Seth Kittay; the following briefly highlights some of our recent distribution efforts as well as some of the companies we represent and have/sold licensed to.

      All Channel Films, Inc. has been in the business for 26 years distributing features, series, concerts, documentaries, and product both domestically (U.S.) and in Canada to DVD, VOD, SVOD, internet streaming, and download, cable, and broadcast including: hotels, pay, free and basic. Some of the companies we represent include the following:

      Phase 4, Ignite, Birch Tree, Screen Media, Arclight, Park, Xenon, Moonstone, Artist View, Barnholtz, Lonely Seal, Panorama, Serendipity, 6 Sales, Monarch, Vista St, CCI, Motor, RAI, Prime, Cinema Epoch, New Video, Vanguard, Monarex, MTI, many individual, independent producers and more.

      Some features, series and product represented include: films: Warriors Heart, Abel's Field, Hounddog (Dakota Fanning), Almost Kings, Paradise Found (Kiefer Sutherland), Barbarossa, Private Lessons, Group Sex (Tom Arnold), Twelve, Creator, Thanks, Intimate Affair, Street Fighter, Halloween 1, 4, and 5, Metamorphosis, Jamon Jamon, Naked City, Putney Swope, Lion of the Desert, series: Charlie Jade, animation: The Missing Lynx, Romeo and Juliet, premieres: Ticket Out, documentaries: Turtle: Incredible Journey, Women of the Military, We Are Dad, concerts: Ray Charles, Earth, Wind and Fire, Ray Charles Gospel Christmas, Dixie Hummingbirds, Four Tops, Divas and other features, programs in all genres including westerns (new and old).

      Some networks and companies to whom we have licensed either features or product include: HBO/Cinemax, Showtime, Starz!, DirecTV, Dish, Epix, Netflix, HDnet, Chiller, Logo, Fox, Warner, USA Network, SCI-FI, A&E, The Disney Channel, Turner, WE, Oxygen, Hallmark, Cloo, TV One, Lifetime/LMN, iNDemand, Cinemanow, GMC, E!, Playboy, PBS, APS, AMC/IFC/Sundance, Ovation, Monarch, Comedy Central, Screen Media, Image, Barnholtz, MTI, TVN, Here! and more...

      The decision of whether to go to DVD or VOD, internet streaming, pay, basic, or theatrical first can be a difficult choice. With these still growing we can assist you in making that decision. We have placed over 110 pieces of product in VOD in the last year alone. I can increase your revenue stream by distributing your features to internet, cable, DVD, VOD, pay and broadcast. I will work with you at setting up the appropriate 'windows' as well as making sure that each feature maximizes its revenue potential. This means additional sources of revenue.

      As an independent distributor, I am uniquely positioned to take best advantage of all the various outlets that VOD, television, cable, and DVD in the U.S. and Canada have to offer. I have been associated with many of the preeminent companies in cable. Through my extensive contacts I can tap these sources for you. I work on a commission basis with no expenses, all you need do is supply your existing product.